2015. július 19., vasárnap

Boulevard des Capucines

Claude Monet (1840-1926): Boulevard des Capucines (c.1873-74)

Boulevard des Capucines captures a scene of the hustle and bustle of Parisian life...
Applying very little detail, Monet uses short, quick brushstrokes to create the "impression" of people in the city alive with movement... (Monet painted two views from this location...)

2015. július 14., kedd

Body art - Performance

The foremost purpose of performance art has almost always been to challenge the conventions of traditional forms of visual art such as painting and sculpture. When these modes no longer seem to answer artists' needs - when they seem too conservative, or too enmeshed in the traditional art world and too distant from ordinary people - artists have often turned to performance in order to find new audiences and test new ideas…

Amikor a hagyományos képzőművészetek, a festészet és a szobrászat már nem elég, hogy válaszoljon a művész igényeinek… tesztelik az új ötleteket, keresik az új közönséget…
Body art - Performance

2015. július 10., péntek

Camille Pissarro: Boulevard Montmartre, Afternoon Sun

Pissarro experimented with many styles: Realism in its underlying composition and depiction of cloud formations; Impressionism in its snapshot quality; and Neo-Impressionism in its use of complementary colors to heighten visual sensation… Pissarro's career, which spanned nearly four decades in and around Paris, saw great changes in the makeup of the city…

Camille Pissarro (1830-1903): Boulevard Montmartre, Afternoon Sun (1897)